AAR standard coupler is the most chief product for heavy haul railcars around the world. It has obvious superiority in improving the safety and reliability of transportation and the efficiency of train formation.

Type E, Type F, Type FR and Type EF are the four standard AAR couplers. Type F and Type FR obtain primary anti-creep mechanism to prevent disengagement during a derailment , the newly-built Type E and Type EF couplers have the same function as well.  


Type E Coupler 

Type E coupler was designated as standard coupler in the year of 1932. It can be divided as top

operating coupler and bottom operating coupler by the way of opening coupler. All Type E couplers

are furnished with coupler bodies, knuckles, and locks made of quenched and tempered Grade E

steel. All Type E couplers have the Number 10-A contour at coupler mating lines. Some Type E 

couplers have been adopted by the AAR as standard coupler. E60EE is the latest model of AAR

coupler and it has been admitted as standard coupler in 2000. Comparing with the previous model

E60DE, E60DE optimizes wall of knuckle side, knuckle tail end face and lock face, and coupler lock

face structure, further controls the longitudinal free clearance of the coupler. Except above mentioned

couplers, E type coupler in use also has E60DE, SBE60EE and SBE60DE with bottom shelf, SE60EE

with top and bottom shelf, and SBE67DE with bottom shelf and long body.



Haiduo has the capability to supply our domestic and foreign customers numerous variations of E coupler, no matter with Top Shelf, Bottom Shelf or Double Shelf or couplers with different shank lengths and also its corresponsding yoke, draft gear etc, which are equipped with high strength structure, reliable safety performance.  


Type F Coupler

Type F interlocking coupler was developed based on H type tightlock coupler used on passenger

cars in 1947 and designated as standard coupler in the year of 1954. The main characteristics of

Type F are high strength structure, small coupling clearance, functions of anti-creep, interlocking 

and automatic centering, reliable three states operation and anti-creep performance, good curve

passing performance. Anti-creep device and interlocking auxiliary support below the coupler head

are added in coupler’s main structure. Both sides of coupler head are equipped with interlocking

bush end and pocket. The longitudinal clearance of coupler connecting profile is 9.5mm, which is

51% less than that of Type coupler.Features of Type F coupler can help to maintain the couplers

and derailed cars in alignment to assist in preventing over-turning and telescoping of the cars. A

bottom support shelf can prevent coupler from falling to the roadbed and thereby becoming a hazard.





Haiduo’s scope of supply about Type F coupler is including: F70DE, F79DE, F73BE, SF70DE etc and its corresponding yokes, draft gears, followers and draft keys.

Type E/F Coupler

E/F coupler is developed on the basis of Type E and F couplers in order to provide enough horizontal

swing for train curve passing, which is mainly applied on wagons of long traction beam. It has the

same coupler head design with “E” coupler, and same coupler shank and butt end design with type

“F” coupler. It obtains the features of high strength structure, good curve passing performance and was

designated as standard coupler in the year of 1966. AAR present service EF type coupler has E68DE,

E69CE, SBE68DE with bottom shelf, SE68DE with top and bottom shelf, etc. Type E/F coupler has

three ways of operation:Single Rotary Bottom Operation; Double Rotary Bottom Operation;Top Operation.



Haiduo  can supply to all our customers Type E/F Coupler with different coupler head shelved, and extended the shank length.

Type FR Coupler

Type FR coupler is a rotary interlocking coupler developed for heavy haul coal service. FR type

couplers in service have Type FR207E, FR209E, etc.The system is interchangeable with the

current FR207E system and offers an economical alternative for both new car and maintenance

purpose.Type FR coupler could be supplied with Type F fixed coupler for dumping application.




Haiduo has been able to meet the needs of our customers with a steady , dependable and economical supply of high quality couplers of this kind.


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