CA3 Coupler

The CA3/SA3 coupler is one  type of railway coupling used mainly, but not exclusively,

in Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union after World War II. With higher 

impact speed, especially when hard climate conditions and traction forces between the

couplers are considered, CA3 Couplers function extremly well. CA3 can haul a total 

weight of over 8000-ton in harsh weather conditions without any problem. At present,

CA3 authomatic couplers are mainly used in the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan,

Belarus, Estonia,Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Russia,

Türkmenistan, Tajikistan,Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Finland, Irag, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, 

Australia, Slovakia.                                                                            

      Main Parameters:

  • Weight:182.2 KG
  • Size:1125 х 440 х 421mm(LхWхH)
  • Standards Governing the Materials: GOST 977-88
  • Technical Standards: GOST 22703-91,STO RZHD 1.05.003-2006
  • Application: Passenger Car; Freight Car; Locomotive 

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