Air Brake System

An air brake or, more formally, a compressed air brake system, is a type of friction brake for vehicles used to apply the pressure to stop the vehicle. 

                                          Freight Car                                                                                                   Passenger Car


Main Parts Introduction

KE Distributor Valve


The KE distributor valve controls proper application and release of brakes of different vehicles depending on the pneumatic pressure

prevailing in the brake pipe. It works automatically, providing graduated application and release and is pressure maintaining. The KE

distributor valve complies with the requirements of the most recent UIC specifications govering compressed air brake for freight and

passenger trains in internaitonal traffic. The KE type distributor valve is of modular design. This means that the basic valve body can

be supplemented by the connection or incorporation of appropriate accessory components required for the purpose in view.

Check Valve Isolating Cock Angle Cock Centifugal Dirt-Collector Air Filter


Various sizes of Reservoirs available ranging from 6L to 200L in MS and SS.



Load Sensing Device

Single Piece and Two Piece Design 

Single Piece design, three models available LSD III (Side Mounted),

LSD IV ( Top Mounted) and LW1 (Rocker Arm Type)

Two peice design model available with the operating valve B1 and

spring Buffer F1   



Brake Cylinder

With Slack Adjusters(8’’ to 10’’ )     

Without Slack Adjusters(8’’ to 16’’)


Air Brake Hose Coupling 


Slack Adjuster

The slack adjuster is the part of an air-brake system that is used to adjust the brakes when needed and it is located on the air canister on the axle housing near the wheel.


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