Bogie and its Parts

AAR Standard Bogie

Application:This Bogie is used in freight cars, which has 1067mm track gauge, 25t Axle load and the Max operating speed 120km/h.                                                                              

Main Parameters:

  Guage                                     1067mm
  Axle Load                            25t
  Tare Weight                              4.5t
  Commercial Operating Speed                              120km/h
  Minimum Radius of Curvature Negotiable                            80m
  Distance between Journals                                 1676mm


AAR Bogie Parts

 1. 24 Break Beam

Brake beam is the most important part of the basic braking device for railway vehicles.When the vehicle braking, the braking force will be transmitted by the brake beam to the brake shoe, so that the vehicle will stop moving forward. Nowadays, most brake beams are sliding or unit type. Unitized brake beams are equipped with an extension on each end of the beams. This extension fits into a slot in the truck side frame, it will align the beam to move or slide at the correctangle for the brake shoes to make contact with the wheels.

There are several types of sliding or unitized beams that are designed for specific applications.


Haiduo is available in supplying AAR certified #18 and #24 for both composition and cast shoe designs.

2. AAR H4 High Friction Composite Brake Shoe

Brake shoes transmit the braking force to the wheels providing a retarding motion on the car. When the brake is applied, the shoe moves and presses the block against the tread of the wheel. Brake shoes are designated by type and thickness to fit the proper brake heads. There are two general types of brake shoes: cast iron and composition. Cast Iron brake shoes were used on older cars. High Friction Composition brake shoes have a higher coefficient, approximately twice than the cast iron shoe and have better stopping ability. 

Shoe Length: 12.25 inches 
Shoe Face Width: 3 inches 
Shoe Thickness: 2 inches 
Weight per Shoe: 5.43 lbs


3. Brake Shoe Key

Proper Brake Shoe Key plays a key role in safety and effective braking and maximum service life of brake shoes.


We are engaged in manufacturing and trading a large array of high quality and low price brake shoe key.

4.Colum Guide Wear Plate


Haiduo can provide all sizes of the Colum Guide Wear Plate under the AAR standard.

Contact us for more popular sizes

5. Constant Contact Side bearing

A side bearing for use in a railroad car truck includes a cage, a resilient element within the cage, and a cap engaging an upper end of the resilient element. The cage has a bottom surface and an upturned sidewall, while the cap includes a top surface with a downturned sidewall. The downturned sidewall of the cap is at least partially received within the cage when the resilient element is in a partially compressed condition. The cap is fully received within the cage prior to the resilient element moving into a further compressed condition, such that the cage engages a car body wear plate to provide a solid stop that prevents further compression of the resilient element.



More information about CCB Series, CSB Series and SSB Series Constant Contact Side Bearings can be obtained from Haiduo, such as CCB 4500XT/6000XT; CSB-4000XT/5000XT/6000XT; SSB-4000XT/5000XT/6000XT and so on.

6. AAR Spring

The bogie springs can be designed as steel leaf or coil springs, as rubber springs or as air springs .The aim of bogie springs is to reduce the forces and vibrations, to avoid derailment and to uncouple vibration and noise between the wheel sets and the vehicle body. The primary spring acts between the wheel set via the axle box bearing and the bogie frame . The secondary spring is situated between the bogie frame and the vehicle body. Primary springs acting on the axle box react to vertical jounce and loads that arise longitudinally and laterally from the influence of the rail track on the vehicle body. 



       D5 Inner Spring                                D5 Outer Spring                            D7 Inner Spring                        D7 Outer Spring



Haiduo can provide high-quality coil springs that meet the AAR standard.

7. Brake Lever

Brake levers are used throughout the brake system to transmit, increase, or decrease braking force. Theyare also used to transfer or changedirection of force. Levers are namedfor the various conditions and positionsthat they serve in the system.Minimum thickness for leversis 1”, with minimum 1-1/8” diameter pin holes. 




Haiduo is in the position to supply various brake lever suitable to customer’s requirements.

8. Wedge

Wedge is a small components of three-piece bogie. It installs between bogie side frame and bolster. Its main wearing face contacts with side frame and side wearing face with bolster. Its main function is shock absorption.

Resilient Friction Element (RFE) product line is designed to deliver the same friction dampening characteristics as their all-metal counterparts without the associated wear in the bolster pocket.


 Many different designs are available to suit customer’s wagon requirements, such as REF16/18/2641/51/53 and so on.

9. Center Bowl Wear Liner

Its main function is to prevent center plate and center bowl wear.AAR Approved M-976 center bowl wear liner has belowclear advantage: weighs less than metallic bowl liners; never requires lubrication; simple drop-in installation. 




Haiduo can provide high-quality Center Bowl Wear Liner that complies with the AAR standard.


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