Willison/UIC Central Coupler

Similar to AAR/UIC Folding Central Coupler, Willison/UIC Folding Central Coupler is also a double-acting coupler, which can meet the

operating requirements of both GOST and UIC Standard. Its function converts between Willison/CA3/SA3 coupler head and UIC Screw

Coupling. Willison/SA3/CA3 coupler head is to be installed when this mixed coupler links with SA3/CA3/Willson standard railway system

and it couples with UIC standard vehicels, screw coupling can work.Willison/UIC Folding Central Coupler assembles with AAR standard

draft gear and coupler yoke.

  • GOST coupler head strength : ≥3000KN 
  • Screw coupling strength: ≥1350KN
  • Coupler body: AAR Standard

Coupler tail: Round pin coupled with AAR coupler yoke, meeting the requirement of coupler to its swing angle.

The strong point of this coupler is that it can achieve perfect coupling between rolling stock of different standards. Willison/UIC Folding Central Coupler is extensively used in the regions where mixed railway standards prevail, such as Africa, Middle East area.




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S.N. Description Drawing No. Material Standard Remark
1 Coupler Assy HD003-01-00 Grade E GOST/UIC  
2 Draft Gear HD003-02-00   AAR M901 MT2/Mark 50
3 Coupler Yoke HD003-03-00 Grade E AAR  
4 Draft Key HD003-04-00 40Mn2 AAR  
5 Follower HD003-05-00 Grade E AAR  
6 Coupler Body Wear Plate HD003-01-06 27SiMn AAR  
7 Screw Coupling HD001-007 42CrMo4+QT UIC 1350 KN

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