AAR/UIC Central Coupler

AAR/ UIC Folding Central Coupler is a mixed, difunctional coupler, which includes one

AAR coupler head in accord with the Number 10-A contour at coupler mating lines and

one UIC standard Screw coupling. These two coupler heads are interchangeable.When

Folding Central Coupler coupled to AAR standard railway system, AAR coupler head will

work and if it coupled to UIC standard railway system, screw coupling will work. AAR/ UIC

Folding Central Coupler assembles together with AAR standard draft gear and coupler yoke.

 It has been widely used in the countries and regions where mixed standards are being

applied, like Southeast Asia.

AAR coupler head strength : ≥3000KN 

Screw coupling strength: ≥1350KN

Coupler body: AAR standard


The highlights of this coupler are low cost, maintenance friendly and especially, a very successful conversion between two representative railway systems in the world.

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S.N. Description Drawing No. Material Standard Remark
1 Coupler Head HD001-001 Grade E AAR 13B
2 Coupler Body HD001-002 Grade E AAR  
3 Draw Pin HD001-003 40Mn2 AAR  
4 Fixed Key HD001-004 40Mn2 AAR  
5 Chain HD001-005 20Mn2 AAR  
6 Retainer HD001-006 40Mn2 AAR  
7 Screw Coupling HD001-007 42CrMo4+QT UIC 1350 KN

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